I DEMO June Workshop


    I DEMO June Workshop
    Economic of Organizations, Corporate Governance and Competitiveness
    Business Economics Departments
    [UAB ▪ UPNa ▪ UIB]
    Autonomous University of Barcelona
    June 18-19, 2007   ▪   Barcelona
    Day 1: Monday, June 18, 2007
    Room: Seminar C (B1/1068), Business Economics Department
15:15 h.   Welcome
15:30 h.   Session 1
      Morten Josefsen 
      (BI-Oslo and HEC) 
      Are Owners Redundant?
      Miguel Ángel García-Cestona (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
      Ferran Vendrell Herrero
      (DEMO Program)
      Determinants of Spanish Spin-Offs Development: a Comparison with Other Technological Firms
      Rafel Crespí Cladera (University of the Balearic Islands)
17:30 h   Coffee break
17:50 h   Session 2
      Christian Eduardo Castro
      (DEMO Program)
      Ho(s)telling Porter's Ideas
      Pedro Ortín Ángel (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
19:45 h.   End of first-day sessions. Conference Remarks.
    Day 2: Tuesday, June 19, 2007
    Room: Seminar C (B1/1068), Business Economics Department
09:30 h   Session 3
      Jo Seldeslachts
      (WZ Berlin)
      The Dynamics of Research Joint Ventures: a Panel Data Analysis
      Teresa García Marco (Public University of Navarra)
      Kurt Desender
      (DEMO Program)
      Differences in International and External Governance Relations Between Family and Non-Family Firms
      Carmen Galve Górriz (University of Zaragoza)
11:20 h.    Coffee break
11:40 h.    Session 4. DEMO 2nd year Student Presentations
      Sergio Escamilla de León
      (DEMO Program)
      Family Business Groups: Types and Internal Organisation 
      Maria Victoria Trujillo Meléndez
      (DEMO Program)
      Research Efficiency Analysis in a System of University Technology Transfer Offices: An Empirical Analysis of the Spanish Case
      Vasileios Myrthianos
      (DEMO Program)
      The Role of Legal Origin on Corruption
      Rejina Mary Selvam
      (DEMO Program)
      Explaining Incentive Schemes Features in Manufacturing Jobs
13:30 h.    Concluding Remarks
14:00 h.    Lunch