II DEMO June Workshop

      II DEMO June Workshop
      Economic of Organizations, Corporate Governance and Competitiveness
      Business Economics Departments
      [UAB ▪ UPNa ▪ UIB]
      Autonomous University of Barcelona
      June 19-20, 2008   ▪   Barcelona
      Day 1: Thursday, June 19, 2008
      Room: Seminar C (B1/1068), Business Economics Department
15:15 h.   Welcome
15:30 h.   Session 1
    Chair Miguel Ángel García-Cestona (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
      Christophe Schneider 
      (Mannheim University)
      Bankers on the Boards of German Firms: What They Do, What They are Worth, and Why They are (Still) There
      Rafel Crespí Cladera (University of the Balearic Islands)
      Andrea Ollo López
      (DEMO Program)
      The Impact of National Factors on the Adoption of New Work Practices
      TBA (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
17:30 h.   Coffee break
17:50 h.   Session 2
    Chair Emilio Huerta Arribas (Public University of Navarra)
      Kurt Desender
      (DEMO Program) 
      Stock Price Performance and Ownership Structure During Periods of Stock Market Crisis: the Spanish Case
      Christoph Schneider (Mannheim University)
      Ferran Vendrell Herrero 
      (DEMO Program)
      Do Academic Entrepreneurs Learn Fast? 
      Martín Larraza Kintana (Public University of Navarra)
19:45 h.    Conference Remarks
20:00 h.    End of first-day sessions. DEMO Organizing Committee Meeting.
      Day 2: Friday, June 20, 2008
      Room: Seminar C (B1/1068), Business Economics Department
10:00 h   Session 3. DEMO 2nd year Student Presentations
    Chair Emili Grifell-Tatjé (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
      Leônidas Quadros da Paixão
      (DEMO Program)
      Strategies of Rearranging Alliance Portfolio after Merger
      Ricardo de Borobia Pires Gonçalves
      (DEMO Program)
      Consumer Behavior: Product Characteristics and Quality Perception
       Marco Barrenechea Méndez
      (DEMO Program)
      Incentive Systems in Spanish Manufacturer Firms
       Helia Marreiros
      (DEMO Program)
      Corporate Culture and Social Preferences in Team Technology
      Humberto Brea Solís
      (DEMO Program)
      Distributing the Productivity Gains: A New Methodological View
11:30 h.   Coffee break
11:45 h.    Session 4
    Chair Emilio Huerta Arribas (Public University of Barcelona)
      Josep Tribó  
      (Carlos III University of Madrid)
      Ownership Structure and Minority Expropriation in Non-Listed Firms: the Case for Multiple Large Shareholders
      Teresa García Marco (Public University of Navarra)
      Christian Eduardo Castro
      (DEMO Program)
      Estimating a Financial Distress Rating System for Spanish Firms with a Simple Hazard Model
      Judit Montoriol Garriga (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
13:45 h.   Lunch break
16:00 h.   Session 5
    Chair Rafel Crespí Cladera (University of the Balearic Islands)
      Judit Montoriol Garriga
      (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
       Bank Mergers and Lending Relationships 
      Vicente Salas Fumás (University of Zaragoza)
17:00 h.   Concluding Remarks