III DEMO June Workshop

      III DEMO June Workshop
      Economic of Organizations, Corporate Governance and Competitiveness
      Business Economics Departments
      [UAB ▪ UPNa ▪ UIB]
      Autonomous University of Barcelona
      June 11-12, 2009   ▪   Barcelona
      Day 1: Thursday, June 11, 2009
      Room: Sala d’Actes Facultat de Lletres (B7/1056)
14:45 h.   Welcome
    Miguel Ángel García-Cestona (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
15:00 h.   Session 1 
    Chair Emili Grifell-Tatjé (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
      Dennis C. Mueller
      (University of Vienna) 
      The Determinants of Merger Waves: An International Perspective
      Rafel Crespí Cladera (University of the Balearic Islands)
      Miguel Ángel García-Cestona
       (Autonomous University of Barcelona) 
      Endogenously Determined CEO Turnover
      Evgeni Peev (University of Vienna)
16:50 h.   Coffee break
17:10 h.   Session 2 
    Chair Rafel Crespí Cladera  (University of the Balearic Islands)
      Pedro Ortín Ángel
      (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
      Entrepreneurship and the Business Legal Form: the Role of Differences in Beliefs 
      Matthew Ellman (Autonomous University of Barcelona) 
      Esther Kalkbrenner
      (University of Vienna) 
      Institutional Determinants of Domestic and Foreign Subsidiaries Performance
      Alex Rialp Criado (Autonomous University of Barcelona) 
      Humberto Brea Solís
      (DEMO Program) 
      Business Models and Profit: The Case of Wal-Mart
20:30 h.   End of first-day sessions. DEMO Organizing Committee Meeting.
      Day 2: Friday, June 12, 2009
      Room: Sala d’Actes Facultat de Lletres (B7/1056)
09:30 h.   Session 3
    Chair Lluís Bru Martínez (University of the Balearic Islands)
      Evgeni Peev
      (University of Vienna)
      Democracy, Institutional Quality and Growth in Transition Economies
      Stefan van Hemmen (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
      Marco Barrenechea Méndez
      (DEMO Program)
      Uncertainty, Autonomy, Pay for Performance and Efficiency Wages
11:00 h.   Coffee break
11:15 h.      
      Michael Weichselbaumer 
      (University of Vienna)
      Using Matching to Evaluate Mergers
      Lluís Bru Martínez (University of the Balearic Islands)
12:00 h.   Session 4. DEMO 2nd year Student Presentations
    Chair Carles Solà Belda (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
      Gemma Montoya Barallat
      (DEMO Program)
      Which Marketing Executives Skills and Capabilities Matter for a Firm Success?: A Resource-Based View Framework for Intangible Resources
      Islam Hassouneh
      (DEMO Program)
      The Impact of Foods Cares on Price Transmission Along the Food Marketing Chain
      Mónica López-Puertas Lamy
      (DEMO Program)
      Strategic Competition in a Mixed Oligopoly. The case of Spanish Savings Banks
      Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro
      (DEMO Program)
      Why do Firms Voluntarily Comply?
      Jan-Nicolas Garbe
      (DEMO Program)
      Ownership Structure and Human Resources Management Strategy: The Case of Spanish Manufacturing Firms
13:15 h.   Lunch break
15:00 h.   Session 5
    Chair Jordi Brandts Bernad (Research Chair Antoni Serra Ramoneda, UAB) 
      Margarita Elorz
      (Public University of Navarra) 
      Does Price Liberalization Affect Customer Satisfaction and Future Patronage Intentions?
      Adalberto Velázquez Méndez
      (DEMO Program)
      Building a Sustainability Performance Index for Tourism Destinations
      Ricardo de Borobia Pires Gonçalves
      (DEMO Program)
       Consumer Behavior, Product Characteristics and Quality Perception: Are Groups More Consistent than Individuals? 
      Helia Marreiros
      (DEMO Program)
      Sharing Rules in Heterogeneous Partnerships
      Vasileios Myrthianos
      (DEMO Program)
      Optimal Hierarchical Organization Structure Under a Continuous Time Model
18:00 h.   Concluding Remarks