Barcelona is located on the north east coast of the Iberian peninsula on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. It is the second largest city in Spain (1.5 million; 4.5 million with its outskirts), and the capital of Catalonia. The city is unequivocally a Mediterranean city, not only because of its geographic location but also and above all because of its history, tradition and cultural influences.The Capital of Catalonia has long been a center for artistic and architectural developments, and progressive political and philosophical currents. Barcelona is one of Spain's industrial and manufacturing centres, and has attracted hundreds of thousands of working migrants from elsewhere in Spain and abroad. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan and bilingual city. The two languages spoken are Catalan, generally spoken in all of Catalonia, and Castilian (Spanish). The Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter), which contains the remains of the original city built by the Romans and well-preserved medieval buildings, houses the Picasso Museum. Dotted throughout Barcelona are the marvellous works of Antoni Gaudí. La Pedrera one of the most famous buildings of Antoni Gaudí belongs to Caixa Catalunya. Site of the 1992 Olympics, which inspired a massive project of urban and harbor renewal, Barcelona has cemented its reputation as one of the more outward-looking of European cities.

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