Palma de Mallorca

The Balearic Islands include Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, plus numerous isles like the ones that form the La Cabrera Archipelago, declared a Marine-Land National Park. Baleares, also officially known as the Illes Balears (Balearic Islands).

Palma of Majorca is the capital of the island of Majorca (the largest one) and is located in the bay of the same name and enjoys an excellent climate all year round (with an average annual temperature of 17.9° C). Known for its sun and beach tourism, it also has an attractive historic quarter. The Cathedral, the Almudaina Palace, the Lonja fish market and Plaza Mayor are some of the sites that are well worth visiting. The most beautiful monuments are surrounded by fishing boats, pine forests and palm trees.

The landscape of the island is full of coves, beaches and cliffs on the coast, and inland you will find typical towns and mountain ranges up to 1,500 metres high. The variety of the landscape and culture invites visitors to explore every corner of Majorca and to find out more about the gastronomy of the island.

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