The Public University of Navarre campus is to the south of Pamplona, in the Arrosadia area. It is in an open landscape, crossed by the modest Sadar river, the banks of which are thick with leafy white poplars characteristic of this part of the city.

At first sight, the Arrosadia campus is dominated by straight lines in its buildings and perspectives. The impressive 9,000 square metre Library, the largest of its buildings, forms the longitudinal axis of the campus. From the outside it is seen as a solid prism which, inside, becomes an immense hall with a vault affording soft light, making it ideal for concentration and learning.

Although the Public University of Navarre is a young institution, which was formed just two decades ago, in actual fact it represents the bringing together and continuation of the university education that was then being imparted in Navarre under the public authorities, and some of these educational programs even date back to the 19th century. In this short, yet intense period of time, the University has created campuses in Pamplona and Tudela, equipped for education and research, and supported by a highly-qualified group of professors and administration personnel. Each day, almost 9,000 students attend the University, students seeking an education which will equip them for the future.


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