Students' profiles


Students looking for an academic career. The schedule is to finnish the Dissertation in three years. One year for chapter. See program for further details. Students can apply for different grants.The organizing universities have the compromise to not contract Ph Ds after finnishing the program. So the research has to be suficiently competitive to guarantee the insertation of the students into the academic job market.


Students looking for a Ph. D but not interested in an academic career. There is the possibility of doing an Industrial Ph D upon firms availability. The thesis is developed part in the firm and part in the university. The thesis is supervised by a firms' tutor and a faculty member of the doctoral program. It has to be finished in three years and students have to fulfill the same steps than other doctoral students.


Professionals looking for a Ph.D. In these cases the duration of the Doctoral thesis can be adapted to the needs of the student being recommendable that it takes around four years. The steps and overall students dedication will be the same for all the cases.