The Departments of Management and Business Administration at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universitat de les Illes Balears and Universidad Pública de Navarra offer an innovative Ph. D. program in Economics, Management and Organization (DEMO).

The Ph D. Doctoral Program tuition covers the student formation during the years (see the different via proposed) that takes to write and defend a Ph D. Thesis. We understand this program as a culmination of an education process in order to launch a rigorous and internationally competitive publishable research in science based approaches to management of organisations which starts with the Master in Management Organization and Business Economics (MMOBE). We are convinced that rigorous training in research methods in the field require one year of courses in a wide array of disciplines such as quantitative methods, econometrics, economic analysis and the theory of organization.

In a growing competitive world, entrepreneurial leaders needs to increase the riguourosity of their analysis and their capabilities for convicing with their arguments people from different educational and cultural backgrounds. This doctoral program provides the student with a set of intruments and opportunities to develop such capabilities. The program offers a slow via for those that want to combine the doctoral program with their current professional activity. Furthermore, for those students that are not currently working but are not interested on an academic career, it is also the possibility of doing an Industrial Ph D.